See Yourself To Be Yourself

See Yourself To Be Yourself (2018)
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  1. In Dreams (2004)
  2. Said and Done (2017)
  3. To Make a Fool (2017)
  4. Apologies (2004)
  5. Make a Memory (2017)
  6. Over (2002)
  7. True Love Will Find You In the End (by Daniel Johnston)
  8. Can’t Ever Get Enough (2005)

My first album review!

It is one thing to take a rugby field with a whistle in your hand and for 80 minutes be in total control of 30 alpha males trying to kill each other in front of a large and loud audience. That is what a rugby referee does, and it is not a position suitable for just anyone. Athletic competence, studious training and unshakeable confidence are required.

It is another thing to pick up an acoustic guitar and sing intensely private, painfully emotional songs in front of a live audience or a studio microphone. That is what a singer/songwriter does, and it is not a vocation for the faint at heart. Natural ability, repetitive practice and an undeniable desire to share those songs are required.

So how is it Haylee Slaughter can do both? On her new collection of seven originals and a cover, “See Yourself to Be Yourself,” the Florida native and national panel rugby referee (the best of the best) reveals personal disappointments and optimistic resolutions in ethereal melodic trances propelled by gentle pop beats.

Hardly imitative, Slaughter springs from the familiar and timeless roots of folk and gentle folk rock to tell stories of heartbreak (“In Dreams”), being taken advantage of by a loved one (“To Make a Fool”) and cautious celebration (“Make a Memory”)

There’s an ache in her vocals, a longing for dependability in her lyrics and a poignant hopefulness in her melodies. Her songs will stay with you long after the last whistle blows.

—Buzz McClain

former Washington Post music critic and current rugby referee

MAKE A MEMORY was a featured song on 1/17/2018 episode, “Woke Bae,” of The Tony Kornheiser Show! Listen at 34:33 and 1:23:05.