UGH (self-titled)


Track List:

2. Can’t Ever Get Enough
3. Tear After Tear
4. Huckleberry Finn
5. Apologies
6. And It Came To Pass
7. I Don’t Deserve You
8. In Dreams
9. Lookin’ For a Friend
10. Optimism
11. If I Ain’t Got You by Alicia Keys
12. You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feelin’ by the Righteous Brothers

The songs on this record were all primarily written when I was in graduate school at UNC Pembroke. Life there was boring and frustrating at times but it was a valuable time of reflection. “Huckleberry Finn” is definitely my favorite – I heard the chorus in my head as I read Chronicles, Vol. 1 by Bob Dylan. “In Dreams” was written in about 30 minutes on my birthday in 2004. It was a tough time for me, but writing songs got me through it.

For New Year’s Eve in 2004, I drove to Athens, Ga. to spend the holiday with some great friends from college at UF, Audrey Owens and Michelle Cohen. That day I met their friend Diarra.  He loved my songs and wanted to record them right then and there. So that weekend and in visits to follow we recorded the music for UGH! What I called “Broken Finger Session” happened on a Sunday after the Georgia v Auburn football game in 2005. I’d busted my ring finger playing catch while tailgating for the game and managed to play the guitar for “Tear After Tear” and keyboard for “And It Came To Pass” with a swollen, purple finger!  When we weren’t fishing, Diarra and I had a lot of fun making this album.

*This album cover was taken in the dressing room of a boutique in Charleston, S.C. by one of my favorite old rugby teammates, Allison Martin (now Allison Mahaney and proud mother of Lillian!  wow I’m old)  I loved the dress but wouldn’t afford it, so we took the photo, which pretty much sums up my nickname, “Ugh” (given to me by the Raleigh Rugby Club) and is probably my favorite picture of myself!