Selections From the Album To Be Named Later


Track Listing

1. The First Time
2. Change My Name
3. If You Don’t Mind
4. Become
5. Anything To Me
6. The Edge
7. Writer’s Block (hidden track)

Selections is my first studio project using proper recording and mixing equipment. The process began at the urging of my great music-loving friend Rick Stolz , who believes in my talent and wanted to support my dream of hearing my songs realized in a studio. Producer Sean Hunter, a UF Dept.of Music graduate, could speak the music language with me, and his feedback was invaluable.

The songs we recorded were ones I was already performing live. The songs that will complete The Album To Be Named Later (Disgrace, You Were But a Dream, I’ll Just Smile, Blank-Hearted, I Thought You Should Be Notified) are coming soon! Some of the songs began as much as five years ago; others were finished as recently as January 2010.