New Single – Part One


I Don’t Know Why is not really new, I just finally got around to recording it.  Came up with the chorus 2-3 years ago and had and idea for the melody of the verse, so I made some notes.  The vibe of the song was telling me it wanted to be expansive and loud and make people DANCE.  It didn’t fit on the project I’d been working on for five years ( Anonymous ) so it had to wait.

In December, I was able to get studio time with a brilliant producer in Gainesville, Skelly G, who I knew could make it sound just as good as anything in the Top 40.  Went in the first session and I took out my old notes.  Some of the verses were kind of eh, some were too specific, some took the song in directions that just complicated things.  While this is not a folk song I still wanted to tell a simple story, and it had to make sense.  I worked on this and decided on the arrangement (where the verses and choruses will go) while Skelly took the keyboard and guitar parts I played, created a beat and started making magic.  His instincts were perfect; I knew we were on the same page.

After two hours, it was time for the vocals.  I had to nail it right then!  Inserted the “hoo-whoa’s” in the moment because it just felt right.  Sang the harmonies, and even a chorus part an octave higher, a technique Katy Perry uses that I like a lot.  It really felt like he and I were in the zone!  About an hour later, he had everything he needed to get started mixing!