He’s Got My Heart


Track List:

1 He’s Got My Heart (My Whole Heart…) 2:39
2 Split My Time 3:05
3 Just Leave Me Be 2:52
4 Banned From Baton Rouge 3:02
5 Self Defense 3:44
6 Thank The Lord It Wasn’t You 2:50
7 You Won’t Give Me The Time 2:26
8 Optimism 2:48
9 Right As Rain 3:14
10 The Lows 3:21
11 Huckleberry Finn 2:35
12 Tear After Tear 4:19
13 Heartaches 4:28
14 You Don’t Have to Shave Your Legs For Me 3:26 written by Keb’Mo’
15 Traveling Soldier 5:19 Dixie Chicks

This collection of songs, aside from the previously-recorded ones, was written primarily for other people to sing. I was imagining four or five-piece bluegrass bands of men singing in harmonies and trading solos with mandolins and banjos and so forth. It was inspired by the group of musicians I jammed with in Chapel Hill, N.C., known as the RDU Sessions Players. They exposed me to new songs and the high lonesome culture of bluegrass music. When I heard the songs in my head, they were not sung by me, but this recording attempts to present the song in its rawest form, intended for the performance by male bluegrass artists.  This is the last of my home recordings, and many of these songs will appear on a country & western album in the makings. (could take years)