Confirmation: This Is Real.

First couple days here have been really good.   The friend I’m staying with had to go referee somewhere this weekend so I ran some errands yesterday.  Walked to mall nearby and got my Irish phone number (did you know Nokia phones still exist?) so I can accept appointments via text and people here can contact me easily.  Also got some groceries!

Last night, I walked less than a mile to see Young Munster play Garryowen.  It cost 10 euro to get in and there were like 2000 people there!  Some locals said it was the biggest AIL game being played this weekend and it was blockbuster, just an incredible atmosphere.  Happy to report that the referee did a wonderful job handling it!

Met some current members of the Munster Association of Referees (pronounced, “emmayarr”) afterwards and I’m eager to join their ranks!  At Tuesday night’s meeting, I’ll pay my society dues, sign some paperwork, get kit, give them my phone number and bank account info so that I can be reimbursed for mileage (32 cents per km I think,) and if I drive over 200? km I get a meal voucher – wasn’t expecting that but I’m grateful!

Went for a run to the River Shannon (it sounds so romantic when you say it like that) this morning and I really like the city.  I’ll be in this neck of the woods for a couple more weeks before I move over to Castletroy, which is right by the University of Limerick and is where our meetings are held.  Found a reasonable airbnb – the host was warned that I’m a smelly athlete who’ll constantly be doing laundry, but she agreed to take me in anyway!

I’ll post an update when something cool happens.  Good night for now 🙂