Backstory of “Become”

Wrote a lot of songs in graduate school at the University of North Carolina Pembroke, a somewhat uncertain time in my life.  Sometimes I felt like the Israelites wandering the desert for 40 years, not understanding God’s reason for having me there.  “What next?” was looming around the corner. 

One day on campus, I had some time to kill, so I went to the student union, sat down at the piano and the main theme of the song just came out.  This older guy actually approached and said he wrote lyrics, “we should collaborate, I hear a girl’s voice who’s searching for something, uncertain about the future.”  Of course I was creeped out by this! but knew he was exactly right, like we were telepathic.  Declined the offer, (told him I only work alone), but the seed was planted.  

For the longest time (years) I couldn’t find a melody, but I finally realized it was there in front of me all along, I’d been playing it for years.  

Like most of my favorite songs I can’t remember how the lyrics came out, wrote them down in one of my 8-9 journals, but not quite done, as a song like this would behave… The lyrics were finished as I pulled into the parking lot the day we were to record the vocal!  

Six years later, I was driving home from the airport; had been to our National Summit (annual USA Rugby thing), the panel referees had assembled for the first time in three years, and now I was on the Panel.  Learned a ton from the presentations and got to see my ref buddies, a wonderful weekend.  Our manager congratulated me on publishing my album in front of the group, which was nice, and so I listened to it in the car, as if I’d never heard the songs before.  THIS SONG really struck me, because six years later, after asking, “What will become of me?” I have a good answer!   🙂 

I cried and prayed to God, just so thankful.  It was a life-affirming moment that started at the student union piano at UNCP.


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  1. I HAVE THE SAME PROBLEM!!! I’m trying my best to learn guatir though.What I do is just write. I’ll worry about melodies later. I’m more preoccupied on what my heart has to say anyway.

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